Attic Water Storage Tank Cleaning


At some point, we have all turned on our mains water taps and noticed dirty water so we let it run for a while until it’s clear. The same water supply is also feeding your tank in the attic and this water in turn feeds all of the hot and cold taps in the house – the baths, showers and even the washing machine.

An accumulation of sediment then starts to form inside the tank. Bacteria will also begin to manifest. This is the same water that we brush our teeth with 

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Whole House Sediment/Dirt Removal Water Filter System

A high quality 1 micron sediment filtration system that will protect your appliances & attic tank from sand/sediment/turbidity damage

Whole House Limescale Removal Water Softener

Our top of the range metered water softener at a massive discount. 100% limescale removal guaranteed!

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Attic Tank Cleaning

Most houses do not have lids or top covers fitted to their attic water storage tanks. Realistically, the attic is a perfect environment for spiders, woodlice, earwigs, flies and in some cases rodents. If your attic tank has no lid, these critters can find their way into the tank. Attic tank cleaning is the best decision you will make.

Unwanted critters can dissolve in the tank and create a breading ground for bacteria. Legionella is also another cause for concern. We offer a complete Attic Tank Cleaning Service

Our process is simple but effective. The system is drained down and all heavy sediment is removed. We replace the ball cock and also replace the seals on any overflow connections on the tank to ensure there’s no risk of flooding etc. Chlorine is then used to disinfect the tank and also ran through the hot water pipes.

The tank is then refilled and all connections & ball cock is checked for correct operation. A full warranty is supplied with this service.

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