EcoSoft 3 Stage Drinking Water Filter System €120 (SUPPLY ONLY)


No More Bottled Water!

High Quality Drinking Water Filtration System The system is the product of intellectual labor of Ukrainian engineers and specially optimized for local conditions of use. Before its creation the company's specialists conducted analysis of water from the 500 different central water supply sources, the results thereof make it possible to find the optimum set of filtering elements. This system has a number of advantages over similar products and alternative treatment methods such as: - Improved filtration efficiency; - Choice of water treatment cartridges from two kits; - Compact design; - Easy and convenient installation; Removes: -CHLORINE -SEDIMENT -THM's - BAD TASTE -ODOUR +Lots more


• High-strength polypropylene housing • The greatest service life among streamline filters • Ecomix® Dinside technology • Three water purification stages


This system comes with a service life of approximately 3000 litres or 1 year of use in a domestic home or small business


Improves the taste of drinking water and water which is boiled giving you the perfect cup of tea & coffee

Product Details

The filter includes an assembly of three water treatment modules connected in series, compactly mounted under the kitchen sink. To supply clean water, a separate valve crane mounted on a countertop is provided for. The system is specially designed for cleaning the earth water supplied from the city water supply.