EirSoft Metered Water Softener Installation Included

Efficient, Reliable And Robust. Eliminating 100% Limescale From Your Home. Specially designed for Hard Water Areas in Ireland the EirSoft Volumetric water softener is the Perfect Balance Between Size, Efficiency & Economy. This Ultra-Quiet Automatic Meter Softener Fits Neatly Under Your Kitchen Sink Providing Round-The-Clock Soft Water for You & Your Family at A Fraction Of The Normal Cost.

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Puricom Tri Flow Tap

Our high end tri flow tap replaces your existing kitchen tap and eliminates the need to drill a hole in your sink or counter top

Reverse Osmosis Water System Upgrade

Add our award winning reverse osmosis machine to your order for the highest quality of drinking water available

Pre Pay Annual Service & Filter Change (Discounted Price – RRP. €100)

Annual Service, filter change & extended platinum warranty

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EirSoft® 10 Litre Volumetric Water Softener

Soft Water Benefits › Baths, shower enclosures and sinks are no longer stained by mineral deposits › Usage and spend on detergents and shampoos are reduced by up to 50% › Appliances last longer and maintenance costs reduced › Energy bills can be reduced by at least 10% › Hair feels softer and clothes are softer and brighter › Time is saved cleaning and no need to use harsh detergents › Skin condition can improve noticeably. People with eczema have seen significant improvements with the use of soft water INSTALLATION & USE The EirSoft Domestic Water Softener is the most reliable system available on the market today. The EirSoft control valve has been used throughout the world for over 40 years and has been found to be trouble free and user-friendly. The EirSoft Cabinet Water Softener comes in a range of sizes suitable for a single tap to a large family home the size of the softener is based on the Resin volume, these are the 8 litres, 20 litres & 30 litres, models. The model of domestic water softener you require will depend on the size of the property and the water usage. Hard Water Problems? Water is an essential part of our everyday life. We drink it, wash our bodies and hair with it, clean our clothes with it, even heat our homes with it and yet we seldom pay attention to its effects. If you live in a hard water area you’ll soon know! – Hard water causes mineral deposits to remain on the skin, hair and clothes. – It clogs pipes, water tanks and boilers – reducing efficiency and increasing energy bills. – It discolours sinks, baths, shower cubicles, toilets and taps. – Its deposits form limescale which reduces the effectiveness of household appliances such as washing machines.


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