EirSoft Vortex Water Softener

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Limescale destroys your appliances, your heating and even your clothes. After experiencing the soft water from the W2B110 youll be amazed! Soft water can be used throughout your home, if you are concerned about sodium in your water, install a drinking tap before the softener branch, this is a personal taste.

1000s of customers drink softened water. Sodium ions are not the same as salt, salt is not added to your water by the softening process. The amount of sodium in a pint of soft water is less than the sodium in a slice of bread.


Puricom Tri Flow Tap

Our high end tri flow tap replaces your existing kitchen tap and eliminates the need to drill a hole in your sink or counter top

Reverse Osmosis Water System Upgrade

Add our award winning reverse osmosis machine to your order for the highest quality of drinking water available

Pre Pay Annual Service & Filter Change (Discounted Price – RRP. €100)

Annual Service, filter change & extended platinum warranty

Attic Water Tank Cleaning, Disinfection & De-scaling

Many customers are shocked when they see the water in their storage tank, the same water they brush their teeth & shower with. Let us take care of it for you, we’ll also replace the ball cock and overflow connectors

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Efficient, Reliable & Robust Water Softener

★ Efficient, Reliable & Compact. The Water Softener Package That Ticks All of The Boxes, Eliminating 100% Limescale From Your Home.

★ Modified by EirSoft Water for Hard Water Areas in Ireland the Vortex is the Perfect Balance Between Size, Efficiency & Economy.

★This Ultra-Quiet Automatic Softener Fits Neatly Under Your Kitchen Sink Or Can Be Installed Outdoors Providing Round-The-Clock Soft Water for You & Your Family at A Fraction Of The Normal Cost.

★ Package Includes EirSoft Vortex Water Softener with FREE By-Pass Valve Pre-Fitted (worth €75), Internal Flood Protection & Overflow Connection. We’ve Also Included Our Brand New KX Matrixx Carbon Drinking Water Filter System & Tap Absolutely FREE!

★ 15 Year Parts & Labour Warranty With This System As Long As The Machine Is Maintained By EirSoft Each Year On Time.

★ Written Guarantee From EirSoft Which Will Give The Customer Peace Of Mind Knowing That The System Will Produce 100% Limescale Free Water All Year Round

★★★★★ Our In House Engineers Have Rated This System 5 Stars. 52 Weeks Of Testing & Comparative Studies Were Invested In The Launch Of This Product. Buy With Confidence, Choose EirSoft

See our shower head filter add on here for a vitamin enriched experience https://www.eirsoftwater.ie/product/osmio-shower-filter/

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