FilterCAL Water Softening System & Installation

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Our high end tri flow tap replaces your existing kitchen tap and eliminates the need to drill a hole in your sink or counter top

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Add our award winning reverse osmosis machine to your order for the highest quality of drinking water available

Pre Pay Annual Service & Filter Change (Discounted Price – RRP. €100)

Annual Service, filter change & extended platinum warranty

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How does Filtercal work?

FilterCal is a salt-free scale prevention softener that uses no chemicals, therefore protecting both our household appliances and the environment. This system is used as a point of use and point of the entry water softener. Limescale causes issues when water is heated as it turns back into its natural state which is a solid. When this happens limescale causes major issues with many household appliances such as heating systems, washing machines, dishwashers, and showers. The filterCal media is a technology where each bead is covered with imperfections called media templates that attract minerals (Calcium, Hydrogen carbonates) and combine them to form micro-crystals that slowly grow. They then break off and float freely through your water system. These crystals make their way through plumbing systems without sticking to pipes, fixtures, valves or heating elements. A typical water-softening system removes calcium ions (limescale)from hard water and replaces them with sodium ions. With the FilterCal system, you are not adding any sodium ions or salt to your household water supply benefiting anyone who wants a low sodium diet.


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