FilterCal Whole House Chlorine & Metals Removal System

Benefits of using a FilterCal Carbon System

  • Removes Microplastics
  • Removes Chlorine
  • Removes THMs also known as Trihalomethanes
  • Removes Pesticides, Herbicides and Nitrates
  • Removes Copper, Lead and other Heavy Metals
  • Removes Hormones and Drug Residues
  • Leaves Skin and Hair feeling smooth and silky

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The FilterCal Carbon system with its jumbo pre-filter ensures you and your family can have water running through your entire property free from chlorine, and heavy metals.

This system is most beneficial for anyone who is on either mains water or group water schemes as water coming from these sources is treated with the addition of chemicals. As this water is travelling through mains pipes from your local treatment plant it also picks up many other contaminates such as THMs, nitrates, herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals such as copper or lead. Many water supplies also have traces of hormones and antibiotics that have not been removed fully in your local treatment plant.

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