Reverse Osmosis Filter Pack


Reverse Osmosis Filter Pack (6 Months)

USAGE Stage 1,2 and 3 on your reverse osmosis system. Prefilters prior to RO Membrane. Universally sized 10" water filter cartridges which fit ALL standard 10" filter housings in all standard Reverse Osmosis Systems. SPECIFICATION Sediment: PP 5micron Rating Spun Cartridge Carbon Block: Highest available grade of carbon block Carbon Granules: Highest available grade of carbon granules Cartridges Dimensions: Approx. 10" x 2.5"


Cartridges have a 6 month service life before they need to be replaced again

Product Details


Stage 1 – 10″ PP Sediment Spun 5micron (For removal of sediment, dirt, rust, particles down to 5 micron)

Stage 2 – 10″ Carbon Block (For removal of heavy metals and organic contaminants)

Satge 3 – 10″ Granular Activated Carbon (For removal of tastes, odours, herbicides ,pesticides , discolourments, other toxins)