Reverse Osmosis Filter Pack

Reverse Osmosis Filter Pack

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Reverse Osmosis Filter Pack (6 Months)

Reverse osmosis filter pack – USAGE Stage 1,2 and 3 on your reverse osmosis system. Prefilters prior to RO Membrane. Universally sized 10″ water filter cartridges which fit ALL standard 10″ filter housings in all standard Reverse Osmosis Systems.

SPECIFICATION Sediment: PP 5micron Rating Spun Cartridge Carbon Block: Highest available grade of carbon block Carbon Granules: Highest available grade of carbon granules Cartridges Dimensions: Approx. 10″ x 2.5″

The lifespan of your reverse osmosis system will depend on the quality of replacement filter used when carrying out a full service on the unit. Whilst it’s imperative that the 3 protective cartridges & post carbon filter are replaced annually, the reverse osmosis membrane may only need changing every two years.

We do recommend that the membrane is replace annually in areas of hard water or all private well water supplies


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