Water Filter System Repair / Service €149


Water Filter Repair & Maintenance Service

Water Softener Maintenance As part of our maintenance we reset the proper settings in the softener adjusting hardness and regeneration frequency, check sensors, check softening salt level, adding more if necessary. We check salt brine suction injection & perform a water hardness test, before and after softener. We inspect water flow and remove incidents of salt bridging in tank. We can also replace any parts needed. Reverse Osmosis Maintenance We can provide a full maintenance & repair service on most Reverse Osmosis products as well as a range of other drinking water & pre filtration systems. We carry the highest quality filtration media & cartridges available so you're guaranteed a constant supply of fresh drinking water with a Platinum EirSoft Service


Our technicians offer a full hygiene & filter repalacement service ensuring you're drinking the highest quality of water at all time


Your system will be sanitized before the new filters are inserted. We will add treatment to the resin bed of your water softener & ensure regeneration returns to it's peak performance again for 100% limescale/iron/manganese removal

Product Details

EirSoft Water Purification offer repair and maintenance services for most makes and models of water softeners & reverse osmosis drinking water units + lots more. We carry an extensive range of parts on our fleet, enabling us to repair your system in one visit when possible. We provides full after sales service for all softeners regardless of where it was purchased. We have service engineers based Nationwide which enables us to offer you a rapid response.