AquaFilter 3 Stage Water Purifier Installation Included!

No More Bottled Water!

High Quality Drinking Water Filtration System The system is the product of intellectual labor of Polish engineers and specially optimized for local conditions of use. Before its creation the company’s specialists conducted analysis of water from the 500 different central water supply sources, the results thereof make it possible to find the optimum set of filtering elements. This system has a number of advantages over similar products and alternative treatment methods such as: – Improved filtration efficiency; – Choice of water treatment cartridges from two kits; – Compact design; – Easy and convenient installation; Removes: -CHLORINE -SEDIMENT -THM’s – BAD TASTE -ODOUR +Lots more


Tri Flow Tap Add On

The tri flow tap will replace your existing tap and eliminate the need to drill a hole in the sink or counter top

Limescale Reduction

This add on will further reduce limescale content

Lead/Metals Reduction Cartridge

This add on will reduce lead and other metals from the water by using KDF & Granular activated carbon

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3-Stage Water Filtration System

  • Three stage filtration
  • Spring Water Quality
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001

1st stage of filtration: removes sediment, sand & other particles from your water

2nd stage of filtration: removes chlorine, & THM’s

3rd stage of filtration: removes organochlorines, bad taste and smell


  • 3 stages of tap water purification
  • Simple installation and replacement of filters
  • Compact dimensions

Benefits of using the filter

  • water will taste better
  • natural aroma and taste of tea and coffee
  • eliminate harmful plastic bottlesService/Maintenance Requirements
  • Annual service/filter replacement
  • Total cost of €70 includes filters, technician call out & 1 year warranty



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