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Is there some sort of restriction preventing you from enjoying our naturally sourced high quality filtered water? Do you have access to pure chilled drinking water in your office? No????  our mains-fed water coolers  that connect directly to your water mains are the perfect solution. These offer you water of the highest quality, always available, and charged at a flat rate. These dispensers are connected to your mains supply and through their high quality water filters particles and harmful elements that come from the pipes are eliminated, as well as excesses of chlorine, bacteria, dirt, odours and flavours. It provides you and your business with water practically as great tasting  as mineral water and with the same quality guarantee.

Prices start at €499 per machine incl. VAT – A years supply of water is also included in this price. You own the machine. No rental, no contract & no fuss.

Our 1 year platinum guarantee is provided with all of our standalone water cooler installations. Help eliminate single use plastic bottles from your workplace today by ordering an EirSoft water chiller

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EirSoft Water provides only the highest quality water purification & treatment products available on the market today. For fast installation, order your chosen product here or call us for on the spot information & scheduling times!

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